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As a small family business we do not offer standard products. We will make every event a unique experience. A tasty lunch cruise, cozy high tea canal cruise or lovely dinner cruise along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.
Because of our personal approach you know how is ” at the helm ” during the organization of your event, from our first contact until the moment that you disembark our salon boat happy and satisfied.

Thanks to the comfortable interior and whisper silent propulsion you and your guests can enjoy the many kinds of events undisturbed and in comfort. Saloon boat Hilda works together with some of the very best restaurants and caterers our city has to offer.  16 guests can dine at a long classically set table.
And for 28 people we can create seating at separate dinner tables. For drinks and snacks we van cater up to maximum 36 guests.

The captain and owner is a certified connaisseur of wine. Our wines are served  out of a luxury  climatised wine cabinet.

After consultation we can present a personal  offer.  Contact us true :

online reservation

telephone : 020 – 7722051

We would love to welcome you onboard. 



on board


Breakfast € 19,50 pp *

Croissants with butter and jam
Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, truffle oil and toast.
Raisin bread and pancakes
Fresh fruit or juice
Coffee and tea




Ontbijt met Croissant tijdens de rondvaart







Champagne breakfast € 29,50 pp *

A glass of Champagne
Assortment of sandwiches and croissants
Confiture en butter
Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
Fresh fruit
Fresh jus d’orange
Coffee and tea


* These prices do not include boat fee and extra drinks.


champagne proeverij






Ontbijt met koffie tijdens de rondvaart




on board

Our lunch cruise offers the enjoyment of our beautiful Amsterdam canals combined with a tasteful lunch. Starting from a point of personal preference to you final destination like a museum or concert hall in style.
A perfect start of a perfect day in Amsterdam.

Lunch € 23,50 pp

soup ( choose 1 )
tomato soup with fresh basil
sweet potato soup with spinach and feta
pumkin soup with Thai herbs

bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and capers
waldkorn bread with goats cheese, rucola, dates, figs, honey and nuts
ciabatta with Serrano ham, grilled paprika, manchego and rucola

salad with green asparagus, artichoke, avocado, sundried tomato, nuts and fresh herb dressing

optional € 4,50 p.p

Panna cotta

Above prices do not include boat fee and drinks. The ingredients can be changed due to the season.




savoury sandwiches, salads and fruits lunch cruise salonboot Amsterdam











High tea cruise

Get spoiled

High tea cruise

High tea cruise

Enjoy a classic high tea in combination with a comfortable cruise on our silent an eco friendly Amsterdam saloon boat. The high tea is provided by one of the better delicatesse shops in our city. All ingredients of this high tea are freshly made, the scones are freshly baked and brought on board the salon boat immediately before or during the cruise. The high tea can be adjusted according to your wishes and in consultation with the caterer. The coffee and tea are freshly brewed on board for our high tea. If desired, we can make the high tea even more special and serve a nice glass of Champagne or wine. Or a nice musician or an experienced guide who can tell you everything about our beautiful Amsterdam canals.

Combine this arrangement with a visit to the beautiful Hermitage museum or the old Golden age merchants house Willet Holthuysen or any of the other Amsterdam musea or let us drop you at our zoological garden Artis or the botanical garden.

High Tea € 29,00 pp *

Sandwich, egg-truffle salad and rucola
Sandwich with salmon , creamcheese, dill and capers
Sandwich smoked beef, pesto, rucola and sunseeds
Mini wrap smoked chicken, rucola, avocado and mustardmayonaise
Scones, clotted cream and lemon curd
Homemade brownie
Homemade muffin
Bonbons and macarons de Paris

Fresh coffee and tea

* the above price is without boat fee















Drinks & snacks cruising

Drinks Cruise


Crudités vegetable sticks with humus and aioli € 6,50

Bar snacks cold 4 items – 8 pieces total € 9,50
Dutch sausages and cheese

Bar snacks hot 4 items – 8 pieces total € 9,50
bitterballen – vlammetjes – cheese dip – mini springroll’s

Vegan bitterballs 8 pieces € 9,50

Vegan samosa’s 8 pieces € 9,50

Shrimp croquettes 8 items € 15,50
Served with lemon mayonaise

Oysters 37,50 per 12
Fine de Claire de Bretagne with red wine vinegar and sjalot

Fromagerie € 15,- per plateau
4 varieties of cheese and fig bread

Charcuterie € 15,- per plateau
4 varieties of fresh cut meat with olives and Dutch fish
haring – mackerel – salmon – shrimp

Dutch fish platter € 24,- per plateau
herring – mackerel – salmon – shrimps

Fruits de mer € 28,50 per portion
2 pieces of salmon – shrimpcocktail – 4 coquilles – mussels, with bread and lemonmayonaise

Borrel-vaart Oma-Bobs-Rundvlees-bitterbal

Drinks on board

Drinks on board

Our onboard bar has a luxury wine cabinet. So you can be sure your wine will be served at the right temperature. During your event on saloon boat Hilda you can enjoy a Dutch or international bar.
For more information take a look at our bar assortment.

The wines listed below are as a standard in our boat bar. Do you want us to arrange a special bottle for you? Look at our wine list.


Telmo Rodriguez

Our white house wine is purely biologic and the wine maker is Telmo Rodriguez. Telmo is considered one of the young lions of the Spanish wine industry.
He studied  at the university of Bordeaux and later in the Rhone region at August Clape.

Basa Rueda

Basa Rueda

Grape variety
Verdejo, Viura, Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine region Rueda lays on a plateau at a hight of 200 meter. The cooler climate is the perfect for Verdejo and Sauvignon blanc.
A taste of white fruit, good balance and remarkable fraicheur.  A fantastic wine that will make you long for more.

La ferme du mont

Grape variety
Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre

Elegant black cherry, raspberry and licorice accents combined with a surprising deepness, purity and balance.

Rose Weingutt Wittmann

Rose Weingutt Wittmann

Grape variety
St Laurent en Pinot Noir

Sparkling and fresh silky soft rosé.
Best rosé of year 2008

Champagne, Cuvee Dosnon Recolte Brute

Champagne, Cuvee Angelique Christian Senez

Elegant nose with citrus, herbs, roses and toast. In the mouth a fine mousse and a good concentration with brioche, tightly dry with beautiful, ripe acids.

We can order any bottle for you.

Coffee, Gayo Sumatra Gold

Koffie, Gayo Sumatra Gold

This coffee grows at a hight of 1200 to 1600 meters, is 100 % biologic and produced by small local  farmers on their own piece of land or ” kebun “.
A strong and rich flavour with hints of dark chocolate.

Coffee and tea are always brewed fresh onboard salon boat Hilda

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