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Which boat will you get when booking a cruise with us?
All our events are conducted on salon boat Hilda, the salon boat as you can see on our website. If our salon boat is not available or if it is too large or too small, we will advise you on a comparable ship from one of our good colleagues.

How many guests fit on salon boat Hilda?
For a cozy gathering, a maximum of 36 guests can join. That is comfortably crowded. For a seated dinner, we can accommodate 27/28 guests. For a buffet or wedding with a ceremony, a maximum of 25.

How is payment handled?
In most cases, we will send an invoice after the cruise. Payment on board with a debit or credit card is also possible. However, we do charge a transaction fee of 2.5%.

Is smoking allowed on board?
This is generally prohibited by law. If other guests do not mind, smoking is permitted on the open rear deck or in the door opening, provided that the smoke is blown outside.

Is there a toilet on board?
Certainly. There is a clean and lockable toilet with running water and nice soaps.

Is the salon boat heated?
We have comfortable hot-air heating on board. Our windows are also double glazed, providing a clear view of our beautiful city. In summer, almost all windows can be opened.

What route is taken during the cruise?
Depending on the available time, restaurant visits, and weather conditions, we always take the most enjoyable route through the Amsterdam canals. In consultation with the skipper, we can adjust the route to your preferences. If possible, we also navigate through the lesser-known smaller canals.

Is there music on board?
Yes, indeed. Upon request, we can play any desired music via Spotify. You can also connect your own phone to our system. Due to municipal regulations, unfortunately, only at the ‘background music’ level. There is also a wireless microphone. Live music such as an accordionist, violinist, or opera singer is also possible.

Are there safety and rescue equipment on board?
There are life jackets on board for 36 guests, plus a number of small sizes for kids. Additionally, there are fire extinguishers, a well-stocked first aid kit, and even an AED.


How long does a dinner cruise last?
For a comfortable dinner cruise with a 3-course meal, we recommend a minimum sailing time of 3 hours. Longer is always nice, of course.

How many guests have seating available?
There is seating available for 27/28 guests at separate tables. This creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Up to 16 guests, we can set up 1 long, classically set table.

What dinner and catering options are available?
You have the choice between a seated 3-course menu with dishes from one or multiple restaurants, various buffets, a ‘walking-dinner’, tasting menu, and ‘live cooking’ with a chef on board. Additionally, lunch, high tea, or breakfast options are available. We can tailor your arrangement to your preferences.

What drinks can we order on board?
We offer a variety of drinks in our boat bar. Fine house wine, bubbly, chilled beers, mineral water, juices, and fresh coffee and tea. You can view our wine list for special bottles. However, we need to order these bottles for you. The wine is stored in a beautiful climate-controlled cabinet.

Can dietary requirements be accommodated?
Yes, they can. Almost anything is possible in consultation with the various kitchens.

Is a children’s menu available?
Certainly. In consultation with the various kitchens, we can create a customized menu for the kids.

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